Anonymous asked:

Hello, I will ask you a very stupid question... get ready... Where can I order vixx special dvd????? Do they send it internationally??

Oh no, it’s not a stupid question! 

For the Japanese version that I have, I ordered from Amazon here (yes they ship to the US, I’m not sure about other countries tho sorry). You can also get it from Yesasia here.

For the Korean version, you can get it from three different places that I know of: Kpoptown here, Kpopmart here, or Yesasia here.

There are a few differences between Japanese and Korean versions of the DVD too!

The Japanese version doesn’t come with the postcards or English subs and the DVD region code is 2, so it only works in DVD players from certain places (but you could always watch on a laptop or PlayStation or wtvr). The upside is that it”s already been released so it will get to you a lot faster (mine shipped on the 7th and was here by the 10th). 

The Korean version comes with the postcards and has English subs. It also works in regions 1,3,4,5, and 6, so pretty much everywhere the Japanese version doesn’t work. The only downside is that it’s still only up for pre-order and won’t be released until March 1st (or 4th according to Yesasia) so it won’t get to you as fast but hey, English subs.

I hoped that helped anon^^

Anonymous asked:

You didn't have to have attitude with that last anon, they just didn't want to be spoiled by you posting gifs and edits so you should just stop and not reblog any either.

Well, I’m sorry you thought I was being rude or whatever, but I was just telling the truth. I asked followers if they wanted me to stop and all that responded (except maybe one) said no. I tagged all of the posts as “special dvd” and “spoilers” so people could blacklist it if they didn’t want to see it. And if you came to my blog from someone reblogging it without tagging it as a spoiler, well I’m sorry, but that’s not my fault. As for reblogging stuff, I tag all of that too. If you really don’t want to see spoilers, I suggest you blacklist those tags. People have asked for more gifs because they either can’t afford to buy the dvd themselves, or just want to see more stuff while they wait for theirs. So, again, I’m sorry if you think it’s ‘unfair’ but if you really don’t want to see it just avoid it.

Anonymous asked:

I would appreciate it if you could stop making gifs/edits of the DVD and wait until it seems that most people already have it. A lot of us don't want them on our dashboards yet. I'm really sorry if this upsets you. It's just not very fair. I hope you understand.

Well, I asked first of all, and everything is tagged as ‘special dvd’ or ‘spoilers’ to make it easier to avoid but I understand.